Jonathan Meades is a writer, journalist, essayist, film-maker. His books include three works of fiction - Filthy English, Pompey and The Fowler Family Business - and several collections including Museum Without Walls, which received 13 nominations as a book of the year in 2012. An Encyclopaedia of Myself won Best Memoir in the Spear's Book Awards 2014 and was shortlisted for the 2015 Pen Ackerley Prize. His first and only cookbook, The Plagiarist in the Kitchen, was published in 2017.

His latest collection, Pedro and Ricky Come Again, was published by Unbound in spring 2021:

'From Duchamp to Orwell, fascism to Brexit … this collection of journalism and speeches showcases one of the world’s best haters, who has never composed a dull paragraph' Steven Poole, The Guardian - read his review here.

'Jonathan Meades is the most significant cultural critic writing in English today... There are more gems in this wonderful book than I could cram into a dozen of these columns.' Simon Heffer, The Daily Telegraph

Meades has written and performed in more than 60 television shows on predominantly topographical subjects such as shacks, garden cities, megastructures, buildings associated with vertigo, beer, pigs, and the architecture of Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini and Franco. Some of his films, which have been described by The Guardian as 'blisteringly brutal, clever and hilarious', are available on The Jonathan Meades Collection DVD.

'Meades's documentaries have for years been the best history programmes on television... A marriage of Borges, Betjeman and Bronowski.' Paul Lay, Editor, History Today

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Museum Without Walls by Jonathan Meades

“This is so elegantly written. Even though you know what’s coming next, it’s like bingeing on candy. It’s a collection of essays about architecture, which is Meades’s field of expertise. I get around a lot and I consider the hours I spend in the passenger seat of an automobile to be golden no matter where I’m going. If I’m going to be stuck in traffic, I like to be stuck in the suburbs. You never get sick of looking at architecture. He concerns himself with modern life, which really speaks to me. I like his style. He’s probably the most elegant writer today and he’s also a cook. A renaissance man.”


Pugin, Potter, Russell and Lennon ... globish, cliché, iconic abuse, yob-gods, sprawl... and much more. Thirty years after Peter Knows What Dick Likes comes a new collection of Meades's work, published by Unbound. Here's an excerpt:

Douglas Murphy's Nicompoopolis: The Follies of Boris Johnson -

Isle of Rust, a collaboration with the photographer Alex Boyd and with a text based on Meades's script for his film about Lewis and Harris, was published by Luath Press in August 2019.